Paediatrics – CPD version – lectures / practicals in person, no assessments, you can add in clinic days if you want

Paediatrics – lectures / practicals in person, CPD only, no assessments, you can add in clinic days if you want. All block lectures are in Nelson, £750 per block.

Block one themes
Block two themes

See below for content information, payment options and free CPD videos

Accommodation now included!

The College now has a larger dedicated lecture space, and also a small student house, which can host a number of students in bunk style / sofa bed style accommodation (first come first served). If full, you will need to find and fund your own accommodation. Please contact Caroline to check. Compact and bijou this is a small mill cottage within Nelson, which is a working class ex-spinning and weaving town. This is 10 minutes walk from the lecture room and you walk past a swimming pool and spa, there are various supermarkets within 2-3 minutes of the house or the lecture room.  Nearby is amazing Pendle Hill- all the Lancashire country around Pendle is fantastic, great for walking, lots of history (think Pendle Witch Trials) and there are nearly Colne and the upmarket Barrowford Village with lots of eateries and bars. The Leeds and Liverpool canal goes through the bottom of Nelson, as does Pendle Water (river), and so lots of leisurely spaces to visit.  Other accommodation can be found via the usual booking sites as Pendle is a tourist area. (NB this is for the lectures in Nelson only and for the clinics in London you will have to find and find your own accommodation!).

The Paeds CPD series:


This is to allow you to attend lectures in person, without having to follow them as pre-recorded videos on line.  You will anyway get the full online library of pre-recorded lectures and resources as the hybrid (mostly online) course, which gives you many more hours of additional lectures, resources and learning, but the core programme IN Lancashire is to enable you to do the core course content in 2 5-day blocks, in person, with all the practicals together.  Clinics are not included in the price.

You may be able to add a 6-day clinical block (or a 3 weekend option), at an extra cost of £1000, if spaves are not already taken by the Certificate students. This option is available to apply for once you have attended both blocks (one and two).  NB places on the clinics are limited, so please pre-book both blocks early and then book the clinic, to avoid disappointment.

Many people prefer the direct lecture format, so this option is to help those who do not cope well with large amounts of online learning and watching videos.

Please note, you can do the blocks in any order, but you need to do block one and block two (so 2 blocks in total in one academic year).

Nelson Block One: this covers the intrauterine period, birth, birth injury, head shapes and molding, bonding, materno-infant interactions. infant pain, unsettledness, sleeping issues, ‘colic’ and fussiness, and general development in the first year.  It looks at the dynamic cranium, sutures, cranial fluids (NB you don’t need to know or use any IVM / ‘cranial’ work in this course).  It covers intraosseous strain, and global motor sensory dynamics, and general development of the infants movements and postural control.

Option one: Monday 25th to Friday 29th September, 2023, 9-5 each day.  Only tea / coffee is provided, there are plenty of places nearby to get lunch / snacks.

Option two: 11th to 15th March, 2024. NOTE DATE AMENDMENT FROM PREVIOUS ADVERT. The blocks can be done in any order.

Nelson Block Two:  this covers the older toddler, development of coordination, crawling, walking, gross and fine motor skills, and the development of the nervous system and balance.  This also looks at primitive reflexes, retain reflexes, and neurodevelopment / neurotypical and neurodiverse.  It looks at autonomics, endocrine immune development and integration, and looks at general visceral function in childhood.  It also looks at body image interoception, sense of self, and emotional and social development. It finishes with looking at the structural and musculoskeletal system development and change through puberty, and issues such as sports injuries and orthopaedic problems.

Option one: . 25th February to 1 March, 2024 OTE DATE AMENDMENT FROM PREVIOUS ADVERT The blocks can be done in any order

Clinical add-ons:

You are entitled to apply to add on one of the 6-day blocks days of seeing patients (sometime available as 3 weekends) where you can have guided hands on, as well as clinical observations, and clinical tutorials. 8-12 patients ae included each clinical block – so there is plenty of hands on.  Clinical blocks / weekends are subject to availability and Certificate students get first pick.  Blocks are £1000 extra. Please note: there are a maximum of 6 students per weekend, so there is a very good student – tutor ratio.  All the clinical guidance is done by Caroline.  You will have done a lot of hands on techniques etc in the 2 5-day lecture / practical blocks, remember. If you finally add on assignments, you can convert all your blocks to the Certificate pathway. Adding the assignments block (all online) is £500.

Do you want to host a clinic near you?

If you don’t want to travel, or you have a local group of potential students near to you, then it may be possible to add a local clinical option at your clinic. You will need to provide clinical rooms and provide a range of paediatrics patients (who will not be charged a fee) who are happy to volunteer as demonstration patients, if this is possible, then please get in touch.  If you become a host clinic you can attend 2 blocks for half price!

More content information:

Block one: 5 days, in person, live in-person, with lots of hands on.  FROM INFANCY THROUGH THE FIRST YEAR OF LIFE:

A – arousal, autonomics, arrival

B – birth, bonding, breastfeeding, beginners guide to reflexes

C – co-regulation, compression, changes in shape, communication

D – deformation, dynamic movement, development – neurotypical,

E – emotions, emergent sensory-motor, environment (intrauterine to independent being), endocrine immune, enteric-microbiome, embodiment, evidence

Block two: 5 days, in person, live in-person, with lots of hands on.  FROM PRESCHOOL TO ADOLESCENCE:

F – function, visceral, vascular, somatic and socioemotional, freedom of expression and communication, fluids

G – growth – milestone, fine and gross motor, biomechanical, emotional and social

H – homeostasis and allostasis, help with pain and self-regulation, hormones, hemispheres and health

I – interoception, immune dynamics, integration of primitive reflexes, neurotypical and neurodiverse dynamics

J – joy of living, freedom of expression and sense of self, justification of clinical objectives. JUST 3D OSTEOPATHY!

Payment options:

FOR ONE BLOCK: Email admin@ cnmo. to confirm which option you are paying for. Clinical blocks must be negotiated with Caroline directly, please email.

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