Diploma in Visceral and Systemic Osteopathy

You get a range of items included (see the module outline below, and the programme handbook to download, lower down):

Pre recorded lecture series and lots of other online resources. See below for indicative table of contents.

There are 9 monthly modules of online learning, each supported by a monthly live one hour zoom tutorial meeting. Every few months there is a 2 day practical intensive, were you can also see patient demos when possible.

If you join the Diploma programme you get the online stuff, plus 7 days of practicals in London – in 3 lots of 2-day weekend blocks, plus one intro day. This fee is £1250 if paid by 10 March, or £1500, due by 31 March, 2023, or you can pay in instalments, at 3 lots of £700 (contact us to select this schedule – fees are due 1 April, 1 May and 1 June 2023).

There are no refunds for covid or other unforeseen circumstances, as the majority of the programme is online, and the practical dates will be rescheduled.


1 July 2023.

28-29 Oct, 2023

6-7 Jan 2024

27-28 April 2024

Use bank transfer to pay, and download the forms and return them. Please refer to the forms and fees page for details.