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Somato-physiological Bodywork

These programmes are designed for complementary and natural medicine practitioners, craniosacral therapists, bodywork practitioners, massage therapists, and healthcare professionals who would like a qualification in using this form of touch based therapy in their field of care.

Whilst Caroline has extensive Osteopathic experience she has also studied a range of hands on approaches to healthcare and has a deep appreciation of how there are many people, practitioners and therapies that share similar underpinning knowledge, neuroscience, anatomy, physiology, health philosophies and interpersonal perspectives to help people in their own fields of care. Each of these practices have some shared skillsets and competence, and have overlapping scopes of practice, albeit with differing levels of clinical responsibility and diagnostic credentials. A range of allied health professions such as lactation consultants, speech and language therapists and other specialist practitioners use, or are interested in understanding hands on care, and so the CNMO has developed training programmes to meet these needs.

Somatophysiological bodywork is it own integrated form of embodied manual therapy that seeks to improve health communication and integration through hands on care.

Please contact the College for more information – or see the dedicated programme page.