Please note - the brochures and information on this page relates to qualifications restricted to Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. For our other qualifications - in Somatophysiological Bodywork - open to bodyworkers and complementary healthcare practitioners, please see the dedicated somatophysiological page! For our non assessed courses for CPD / continued professional development and education, see the CPD page - these courses are open to all.

Studying with CNMO - general information

Lectures delivered by: Caroline Stone D.O.(Hons), MSc(Ost), MEd, MClinEd

  • Expert and specialist osteopathic teacher, globally respected osteopathic advocate
  • Original concepts from Still and Littlejohn are a special focus
  • Rigorous scientific exploration of osteopathic hypotheses
  • Insights into the osteopathic contribution to understanding health and how dis-ease and dys-function arise.
  • Somatophysiological, mind-body and foundational, living anatomy reviewed throughout
  • Clinical assessment and examination approaches discussed and illustrated
  • The difference between the role of a regulated and registered ‘osteopath’ and someone how practices ‘osteopathy’


If you have completed with the Certificate or Diploma in the Women's Health or Paediatrics, or the Mother and Baby Topics, you are eligible to be certified to be  


WHOMBS - "Women's Health, Obstetrics and Mother and Baby Support".

Level One Whombs Certification is available for Complementary and Natural Healthcare Practitioners who undertake the somatophysiological healthcare qualifications offered by the College.

Level Two Whombs Certification is available for Allied Health Practitioners, including Osteopaths.

Please enquire for further details.

Certificate Qualifications (all topics) - One Year Distance Learning Mode.

Early bird price
October 2021 intake

£650 (ends 30 September 2021)

Full price £900 for enrolments from 1 November onwards (final enrolment by 30 November).

This is a very extensive online programme which is based on a 3 semester model, with 3 lots of monthly live tutorials with Caroline each semester.  You have up to 2 years to complete the 3 semester cycle.

Diploma - One Year Hybrid Mode (can be spread over 2 years) - distance learning plus in person live practical technique options and clinical observations.

£2000 for enrolments registered by 30 September, 2021.

Cost includes 3 lots of 3 day technique intensives (which are repeated each year, and you can spread your attendance of these over 2 years).  This qualification takes students much further into clinical assessment, case analysis, using evidence, protocols and help orchestrating clinical management that suits your practice. Includes 5 lots of 3 day practical intensives, plus clinical observation opportunities.

Course starts October 2021, first cycle of practical dates are during 2022 (see course brochure for dates and details of zoom tutorial support times).

Final enrolment by 30 November, 2021.

Full Diploma cost is £2500

The Certificate Programme is a pre-requisite, but you can APEL into the Diploma if you already hold a suitable qualification or have sufficient prior experience.

APEL - AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE COMPLETED OTHER QUALIFICATIONS, SUCH AS a PG Cert or a PG Diploma in Women's Health or Pelvic Care, or the Molinari Women's Health Diploma.

Collegiate / Mentoring and Support Programme of Advanced Professional Development.


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Qualification Options - for the Primary Care Practitioners from the following Allied Health Professions: Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists.


Each certificate is arranged in the same way.

Programmes each include 3 semesters (9 Months), with 5 lecture modules per semester and one assessment module per semester. Extensive online library of resources per module, and introduction to clinical approaches and clinical rationales are also included.  There is a very strong focus on physiology, anatomy, functional concepts and integration of homeostatic, interoceptive, somatophysiological, motor-sensory, biopsychosocial, and self care, as well as relevant medical considerations.  The Certificate makes a very strong foundation for practice.

Distance learning (around 5 hours a week) plus monthly tutorial support - an hour-long zoom chat per month, plus once a semester a technique roundup via zoom. Assessed.

The programme calendar is available separately, in the course brochure.

You must pass each semester in order to progress to the next.  If for any reason you have to delay your progression (such as illness or other reasons) then you can postpone commencing the next semester in your programme.  Fees are not refunded, but are rolled over for if or when you continue.


Each diploma is arranged in the same way.

This is a one year programme, open to those who have completed the Certificate Qualification.

There are 3 semesters, each of 3 months.

For the Women's Health, or the Mother and Baby CNMO Diploma Programmes, enrolment is also available for those who have previously taken such programmes as (but not limited to) the Molinari Institute Women's Health Diploma, or the UCO Paediatrics programme.

Indeed the CNMO Diploma programme makes a natural next stage in professional development and specialist training, going beyond as it digs deep into clinical analysis, case studies, and considering clinical protocols.  It also explores management options and approaches, and enables practitioners to individualise and construct clear and logical clinical management programmes.  It continues to review evidence and interprofessional considerations (started in the Certificate programme), and helps people explain and rationalise their approaches, to ensure patient oriented care and supports communication in an allied health professional environment. The Diploma programmes provide specialist training for defensible clinical practice.


You must pass each semester in order to progress to the next.  If for any reason you have to delay your progression (such as illness or other reasons) then you can postpone commencing the next semester in your programme.  Fees are not refunded, but are rolled over for if or when you continue.


OPEN TO PRACTITIONERS WHO HAVE COMPLETED THE DIPLOMA PROGRAMME. A one off fee gives you mentored support from Caroline over the course of one year, through online forum groups, 10 hours of private live tele-tutorials and also in person focused technique sessions (2 lots of 2 hours, at the College's premises in Lancashire).


Apply any time.



The certificate and diploma versions for post graduate candidates are set (in the college's opinion)* at masters level, level 7 (in uk terminology), and assessment criteria are set accordingly.

The assessments are oriented to the 'assessment is for learning' paradigm.

If you imagine a typical pg cert or a pg dip style programme, then you will have an idea of how the college is aiming its programmes, to give you an indication of probable time investment and level of engagement required - whilst remembering that the cnmo does not offer university awarded pg certs or pg diplomas.

You will be supported through your programmes, and you can extend your time period to achieve your goal if needed.

Validation / accreditation

*the qualifications awarded by the cnmo are internally validated. They do not confer university credits, and units / modules / credits are not transferable to other programmes. The cnmo programmes are not externally reviewed and are not part of a university quality assurance programme. You will not be able to claim you have a university accredited "pg certificate" or "pg diploma".